The word “Inundo” is taken from Latin and means overflow. The tendency of the minority world is to regard Africa as a “poor” continent.  In truth however, Africa comprises 20% of the world’s land mass and is rich in all kinds of resources. We pray and dream that, in our lifetime, we would see Africa becoming a place of overflow pouring out restoration throughout the continent and beyond. We believe that this is possible.

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When we talk about overflow, we’re talking about abundance! The land and soil are repositories of abundant resources and potential. Our strategy is to begin with food first, because nutrition is a foundational, daily need. We dream of agriculture being transformed across Africa through people nurturing and caring for the land in the way that God intended – in harmony with his very good creation. It’s not about subsistence, but about sustainable development through profitable stewardship of the land. Previously unproductive land can be transformed. Yields can multiply. Life, and hope can return, benefitting families, communities and nations. Catch the wave of transformation with us!

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People have incredible capacity to be change agents in their own spheres of influence. They are the experts of their context and God has given them what they need to be successful. Sometimes what is needed is a new way of seeing the resources that are already available locally and an embracing of an empowered identity.

Inundo seeks to work with people to bring holistic transformation to their families and communities through their own leadership and initiative. Holistic transformation considers the physical, social, mental/emotional and the spiritual. All four areas combined contribute to abundant living.


The Inundo vision is that Africa would steward its abundance, and as a result unleash a tidal wave of overflow to and from the continent.


Inundo seeks to build capacity and resilience in people who become leaders committed to being God’s transformational agents in this world.


  • empowerment
  • collaboration
  • development
  • facilitation
  • holistic

Inundo is a faith community, a movement, a classroom, and a demonstration. Physically it looks like a model farm based in South Africa and serving leaders from across the continent. Socially it looks like a network of leaders. Mentally it equips people to realize their potential and spiritually it is a sanctuary for renewal and restoration.