Our Logo

Our logo is an original design overflowing with symbolism and meaning. It is a visual reminder of our vision and mission.

A flourishing person growing and abounding in life, their arms raised heavenward to their creator and all sufficient source. They are being restored spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
A community of people growing and living God’s best for themselves with the circle representing restored unity in all social structures.
The emergence of plants under the careful care and cultivation of humans all deeply connected to the physical realm of creation with the rings representing the earth and the covering of the sky that brings rain. There is a profound recognition of the calling to care for creation.
The harvest is represented by maize cobs coming forth in overflow from the work and investment of human hands. This is the tidal wave of overflow that we pray for and the incredible blessing of becoming givers with hearts of gratitude.
At the centre a seed, the humblest of all structures and capable of birthing life, hope and overflow.