Integral Development

Inundo Development promotes a holistic perspective in its interactions and activities.

This outlook has become widely known as integral development. The idea is that we integrate all areas of life into our development activities: physical, social, mental/ emotional and spiritual. We cannot realize lasting change without addressing each one of these spheres of life.

Certainly Inundo is a Christian, faith-based organization and we recognize the spiritual foundations of people’s lives as an integral part of who they are. We seek spiritual conversations and we encourage people to grow in their faith. Our work, however, does not end there. If we are to see Africa unleash a tidal wave of overflow to and from the continent, we must address all aspects of life and living.

We believe that Jesus came not just to transform the hearts of individuals, or families, but also whole communities, the social structures, systems and even nations through his whole gospel message.

Holistic ministry can be defined as the whole gospel, for the whole person. Through holistic ministry, the faith community responds to the world’s brokenness by proclaiming and modeling the joy of a right relationship with God in Christ. We also participate in the ongoing Kingdom work of social restoration and reconciliation. As Christ is making us whole, God’s Spirit works through us to bring wholeness to others.

Compare the words in each column...Which words describe the ministry of the church?
Compare the words in each column…

The whole gospel brings salvation in its fullest sense—forgiveness of sins, inner conversion, regeneration and sanctification, physical and emotional healing, the transformation of social and economic relationships, reconciliation and peace, responsible stewardship of creation and the ultimate, final triumph of Christ over the forces of evil.

Holistic ministry views people as body-soul wholes created to live in life-giving community. Thus the church ministers to every dimension of human need, and seeks wholeness at every level of society—individuals, families, communities, nations, and the global human family. Holistic ministry goes beyond short-term, relief-oriented aid. It means modelling God’s concern for the total well-being of people, communities and creation. It means an incarnational lifestyle of integrity, compassion, and invitation. It means sharing good news both for this life and for the life after death. It means loving neighbours both far and near with the same joyous abandon that Jesus displayed – especially those who are most needy and marginalized.

As the Father desires that all should have abundant life, we too should help others realize their potential for living as God intended. As the Father urges that “justice roll down like waters” (Amos 5:24), we too must work toward creating the kind of society that pleases God.