Flourishing From the Soil On Up: Zoom Panel Discussion

We enjoyed interacting online with a group of interested people around the connections between health, food, and gardening.

Now available:

A recording of our live Zoom panel discussion with Barbara Warren, Stan Wiens, and Dan Wiens where we explored the connections between faith and caring for creation, ourselves, and others.

In This Panel Discussion We Were:

  • Considering that looking after ourselves, and caring for creation, are deeply spiritual endeavours
  • Identifying the connections between what we eat, where that food comes from, and how it impacts us
  • Taking responsibility for caring for our bodies, for our families, and for the environment.
  • Being empowered to make choices
  • Celebrating the wonderful bodies God gave us
  • Taking new ‘next steps’ in health, nutrition and exercise
  • Moving from consumers only to also being producers

Our Panel Contributors:

Barbara Warren actively participated in the management of a hobby farm in the Ottawa area for many years and now contributes to a family garden in Rideau Lakes. Her passion for gardening is contagious and she promotes a philosophy of eating things as closely to the way they are grown as possible.

Stan Wiens developed what is now called The Health Project, helping people experience the fullness of health. He guides people through coaching, workshops, teaching and team development, to take small steps towards greater control of their health.

Dan Wiens (not related to Stan, but very good friends) is an agricultural trainer in South Africa. He and his wife operate a model and training farm in South Africa where they build capacity in small scale farmers to provide for their families and make sustainable profits.

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